Pressure Testing Services

Established in 1983 in Durban as "a add on" T/A Pressure testing services. Pressure testing became an all important facet of the company until in 1996 when pressure testing and Industrial services c.c became the core industrial service.


Our dedication to our work and training of the workforce earned a permit to test and inspect from the chief inspector of factories in 1979, and a further letter of accreditation 1992 from the regional director of manpower in Natal. In 2000 we aquired our certification under the new S.A.Q.C.C. / SAW certificate and have continued to extend our qualification to "Scope unlimited" to this date. As the business grew we provided a well respected service for quality work, in the Sugar milling, Paper pulp, Motor manufacturing, General Engineering and Petro chemical refining industry


Air receivers large (80m3) and small 0,050m3, Process vessels and pipework, Pipelines and pipework systems with a wide variety from Autoclave, Vacuum Vessels, Road bulk Tankers, Marine engine air start vessels and others too numerous to mention.

Shut down work involving numerous Air receivers, Process vessels and pipework, and Tanks. Vessels being tested often, 30 to 100 of all sizes, including N.D.T. Wall metal thickness (Ultrasonic) with records of thickness and positions of readings take a complete dossier of our work on shut down.


As a leading Pressure testing company we offer our existing and new clients, a service to attend their site, and inspect externally, openup, clean out and inspect internally, fill with either water or air & or Nitrogen, Test and box up, checking Gauges, pressure relief valves, Non return valves, Pressure on/off switches, and drain cocks. Wall thicknesses are checked Ultrasonically for thinning and wear. Internally we Wet blast and coat, externally wet blast prime and repaint, and Issue a satisfactory certificate for the vessel.

Pressure Testing water process Tanks

             Marine Pipeline Pressure testing on board

Pressure Testing Portable Compressors

Pneumatic Pressure testing of Flour tankers