Sonic Horns







Frequency applications


420 Hz Accoustic cleaners or bridging at the base of silo's


350 Hz More Powerful - This Frequency can be used to unblock
        build up in I.D . Fans, Filters, Cyclones Mixers, Dryers &


230 Hz -  Power sufficient to use in most electricity generating 



75Hz / 60Hz - Most powerful accoustic cleaners - 
                         Used in large vessels & Silo's.


20 Microns to 5mm Particle sizes. Up to 8.5% humidity



If you require more information

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We are the South African and Southern African Agents for the Manufacturing suppliers of Sonic Horns -  Accoustic Cleaners - Soot Blowers. "Messrs Primasonics International" based in the UK.

Two ranges are involved, The Pas Range and the Qualtrosonics "Q" range.


Additionally we can offer their Prima whip for removal of Silo Bridging - Ratholing - Compaction without operatives needing to have the Hazardous Vessel Entry situation, all can be dealt with without man entry.


Full details can be emailed to all prospective clients