Pipeline Pigging



Our recent contracts have been within the Petro chemical Industry, which includes pipe-line Pigging, Hydro Testing, Purging and Preservation.

Piping ranges from 8” to 30”. We are also involved in the Fabricating of Polyurethane Foam Pigs from 8” to 30” for flushing and pigging as per customer requirements. Pigs are manufactured in-house.


Our scope of expertise also includes Pigging, Mechanical Fitting and Inspection of Piping and Storage Tanks.

Process pipelines which operate at elevated pressures need to be tested for integrity of their construction and sealing at the time they were constructed. There are a number of ways of pressure testing, the most common being used is water as a medium. The problem with water is that it leaves the pipeline wet after testing and corrosion of the pipeline will be accelerated which requires the pipeline to be dry before being put into services. 


3 types of drying methods

1. Hot air drying

2. Nitrogen purge drying

3. Vaccuum drying


When a newly constructed natural gas pipeline is put into service, the initial air in the line should be purged. If the natural gas is used directly to perform the purging, the air and natural gas will mix and flammable mixtures will react in the pipeline












What is Purging

Purging is the act of removing the contents of a pipe or container and replacing it with another gas or liquid. Purging is crucial in pipelines. It removes contaniments from the piping and vessels which reduces the chance of corrosion. It can also prevent a hazard mixture of gas and oil.



Refers to the practice of using a device known as a pig to perform various maintenance operations. These operations include the cleaning and inspection of the pipeline. This is done by inserting the pig at the pig launcher side (or station). The pig is then pushed through the pipeline using compressed air which is then received at the "Pig Catcher" (Receiving station).

Pigging is used extensively in the oil and Gas Industry on all large a small diameter pipes. Sponge pigs are generally used for cleaning.